This software is deprecaded and phased out and no longer maintained

Please goto IGI neuronal software on GITHub for newer implementations of LSM

CSIM: A neural Circuit SIMulator

NEW: A parallel (distributed) version of CSIM is availabe now.

CSIM is a tool for simulating heterogeneous networks composed of different model neurons and synapses. This simulator is written in C++ with an MEX interface to Matlab. It is intended to simulate networks containing up to a few thousand neurons and up to the order of 1.000.000 synapses.

CSIM is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Features of the current version

Supports different levels of modeling
Easy to use Matlab interface
Object oriented design
Fast C++ core
Runs on Windows and Unix (Linux)
External Interface
Note that the supplied compiled Windows version (csim.dll) is likly to be somewhat outdated bcs we are developing under Linux.


The User Manual describes how to use CSIM from the Matlab user point of view.
The Class Reference (generated with doxygen) gives you information about the overall C++ class hierarchy on which CSIM is built. This information is intended for people which think about adapting CSIM for their own needs.


CSIM is distributed under the GNU General Public License.
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