In the following people are listed which are doing (or did) related projects.

Henry Markram EPFL / LNMC / former Weizmann computational analysis of neural microcircuits
Ofer Melamed EPFL / LNMC / former Weizmann temporal integration in neural microcircuits
Assaf Rotem Weizmann Masters Thesis: ``Liquid Computing: Temporal Processing Using a Physical Liquid''
Gilad Silberberg EPFL / LNMC / former Weizmann diversity of physiology in neural microcircuits
Adam Wasserstrom Weizmann analysis of computations in single neurons
Yariv Levy EPFL / LNMC Memory and Prediction in a High Dimensional Dynamical System
Wolfgang Maass IGI, TU-Graz theory of LSMs, compuational analysis of neural microcircuits
Nils Bertschinger RWTH-Aachen masters thesis entitled Short Term memory without stable states in recurrent neural networks
Harald Burgsteiner IGI, TU-Graz LSM based control of autonomous robots, software development
Stefan Häusler IGI, TU-Graz analysis of canonical microcircuits, compartmental based models of GABAergic interneurons, software development
Prashant Joshi IGI, TU-Graz Application of liquid computing to computational motor control, robotics, and attractor based neural computation.
Robert Legenstein IGI, TU-Graz application of LSMs to early visual processing tasks, STDP plasticity in neural microcircuits
Christian Näger IGI, TU-Graz LSM based control of autonomous robots, training of LSMs with feedback, software development
Thomas Natschläger IGI, TU-Graz computational analysis of neural microcircuits, temporal integration in neural microcircuits, information theoretic approaches, software development
Herbert Jaeger International Unversity of Bremen Investigation of the LSM approach in the context of recurrent ANNs (EchoState Networks)
Other Groups    
Daniel Goldenholz Boston University School of Medicine Liquid Computing: A real Effect
Chrisantha Fernando COGS, Sussex University Pattern Recognition in a Bucket : A Real Liquid Brain
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