Input Signals

Input Signals

When runing a network simulation via csim('simulate',...); one can specify input signals like in the command

    » csim('simulate',Tsim,S);
where S is a struct array with the following fields:
  • S(i).idx : array of handles of objects which should receives this signal

  • S(i).spiking : binary flag (0/1) which determines if S(i).data should be interpreted as spike times or as an analog signal

  • S(i).dt : time discretization; for analog signals (S(i).spiking=0) only

  • S(i).data : signal data: vector of the analog values (S(i).spiking=0) or spike times (S(i).spiking=1)

Note that csim('simulate',...); accepts an arbirary number of such struct arrays. See documentation of the simulate command.

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