Learning-Tool User Manual Learning-Tool Version 1.0

Learning-Tool is a set of Matlab scripts that allows to asses the the real-time computing capability of neural microcircuit models. Learning-Tool is based on a new theoretical framework for analysing real time computations in neural microcircuits: the Liquid State Machine.

To get a thorough understandig of Learning-Tool it is a good idea to read the paper describing the basic ideas as well as the paper which describes on a higher level this software package.

This manual is intended to describe how to use the Matlab scripts provided by Learning-Tool to perform computer experiments within the LSM framework.

We assume that the reader has Matlab programming knowledge.

Although a short introtuction into the basic concept of the LSM is given we strongly recommend to read [Maass et al., 2002,Natschläger et al., 2002b].

This manual is also available as printable PDF file.

(C) 2003, Thomas Natschläger last modified 06/12/2006