This software is deprecated and phased out and no longer maintained

Please goto IGI neuronal software on GITHub for newer implementations of LSM

Purpose of this site

Provide Software This website provides software that facilitates the creation of computer models for Neural MicroCircuits (NMC) of various sizes and levels of detail, fast simulation of these computer models, as well as tools for evaluating the computational power of these models in a Matlab-environment.

Note: This software comes as it is and without any warranty!

Serve as a Platform The software provided here should just serve as a starting point for this website. We would like to encourage everybody to help to develop this site further by making his/her models, simulation tools, data, algorithms and last but not least links to related webpages accessible from

Specify Bechmark Tasks The universality of a computational model for neural microcircuits can not be tested by evaluating their performance for a single computational task. Instead, each microcircuit model should be tested on a variety of computational benchmark tasks.

The rationale underlying this website is described in more depth in (Natschläger et al., 2002).

What can you find at this site?

This site currently provides information about:

A quite general purpose neural micro-Circuit SIMulator: CSIM
Tools for generating Neural MicroCircuits models: Circuit-Tool
Tools for evaluating the computational power of neural microcircuits: Learning-Tool
How to download and install the software

A new theoretical framework for analysing real time computations in neural microcircuits
People involved in this project
Links to related sites

Status of the site

  • The main part of the software is available
  • Some documentation is still missing but the manuals are growing
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