We call a synapse a static synapse if the amplitude of each evoked conductance change is equal. Here we implement a conductance g(t) of the form $g(t)=W\cdot\exp(-t/\tau)$ for each spike which hits the synapse at time t with an amplitude of W and a decay time constant of $\tau$ . The responses of all the spikes are added up linearly.

Read/writable Fields

E :
Equilibrium potential given by the Nernst equation.
tau (sec) :
The synaptic time constant $\tau$
W :
The weight (scaling factor, strenght, maximal amplitude) of the synapse
delay (sec) :
The synaptic transmission delay

Readonly Fields

psr :
The psr (postsynaptic response) is the result of whatever computation is going on in a synapse.
steps2cutoff :

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