The model is now fully implemented. In addition we want to record traces of some quantities of interest. Suppose we want record the membrane potential and the spikes of neuron n as well as the postsynaptic respones (the field psr) of the synapse. To do so we have to create a Recorder object and tell this object which fields from which objects to record. The recorder is created with the command

    » r=csim('create','Recorder');
and the following commands tell the recorder r to record the field psr of synapse s as its first trace and the field Vm of neuron n as its second trace:

    » csim('connect',r,s,'psr'); 

    » csim('connect',r,n,'Vm');
Using the special field spikes the same syntax will be used to record the spikes of neuron n as the third trace of recorder r.

    » csim('connect',r,n,'spikes');

The following figure summarizes which objects we have created and how they are connected:


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