The Model

Generic active channel with arbitray number of ion gates . g(t,Vm) is computed as

\begin{displaymath}g(t,V_m) = \bar{g} \prod_{i} P_i(t,V_m) \end{displaymath}

where $\bar{g}$ is the maximal conductance, and $P_i(t,V_m) \in [0,1]$ is fraction of i -type gates currently open.

Note that no specific gates are modeled. Instead arbitrary ion gate objects can be connected to the channel.

Read/writable Fields

Gbar (S) :
The maximum conductance of the channel;
Erev (V) :
The reversal potential Erev of the channel

Readonly Fields

g (S) :
The coductance g(t,Vm) of the channel

(C) 2003, Thomas Natschläger last modified 07/10/2006