Read/writable Fields

mintheta1 :
Baseline parameter for theta1.
mintheta2 :
Baseline parameter for theta2.
minU1 :
Baseline parameter for U1.
minU2 :
Baseline parameter for U2.
model_DT :
The time-step of simulation.
Xo :
The X coordinate of origin.
Yo :
The Y coordinate of origin.
m1 :
The mass of 1st link.
m2 :
The mass of second link.
lc1 :
The distance of central point of link 1.
lc2 :
The distance of central point of link 2.
l1 :
Length of first link.
l2 :
Length of second link.
I1 :
The moment of inertia of link1.
I2 :
The moment of inertia of link2.
The factor by which the external noise will be proportional to the input magnitude.
The time at which the perturbation will start.
The duration of perturbation.
inputFileNr :
The file-number for input of Xdest, Ydest, Theta1, Theta2 (file-name is 'T(x).mat', where (x) is this number.

Readonly Fields

t1 :
Angle theta 1.
t2 :
Angle theta 2.
w1 :
Angular velocity 1 (updated every time step).
w2 :
Angular velocity 2 (updated every time step).
u1 :
Torque 1 (updated every time step).
u2 :
Torque 2 (updated every time step).
nIncoming :
Number of inputs
nOutputChannels :
Number of output channels

(C) 2003, Thomas Natschläger last modified 07/10/2006