Uses AHP_Channel

Read/writable Fields

STempHeight (Volt) :
Vthresh (V) :
If Vm exceeds Vthresh a spike is emmited.
Vreset (V) :
The voltage to reset Vm to after a spike.
doReset (flag) :
Flag which determines wheter Vm should be reseted after a spike
Trefract (sec) :
Length of the absolute refractory period.
nummethod (flag) :
Numerical method for the solution of the differential equation: Exp. Euler = 0, Crank-Nicolson = 1
type :
Type (e.g. inhibitory or excitatory) of the neuron
Cm (F) :
The membrane capacity Cm
Rm (Ohm) :
The membrane resistance Rm
Vresting (V) :
The resting membrane voltage.
Vinit (V) :
Initial condition forVm at time t=0.
VmScale (V) :
Defines the difference between Vresting and the Vthresh for the calculation of the iongate tables and the ionbuffer Erev.
Inoise (W2) :
Variance of the noise to be added each integration time constant.
Iinject (A) :
Constant current to be injected into the CB neuron.

Readonly Fields

Em (V) :
The reversal potential of the leakage channel
Vm (V) :
The membrane voltage
Isyn :
synaptic input current
Gsyn :
synaptic input conductance
nIncoming :
Number of incoming synapses
nOutgoing :
Number of outgoing synapses
nBuffers :
Number of ion buffers
nChannels :
Number of channels

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