Setting Fields or Parameters

Setting Fields or Parameters

Each of the created objects has several fields which usually correspond to a parameter of the model which is implemented by the class of the object. To display for example all fields of the LifNeuron object we can use the command

    » csim('get',n);
This will yield the following output
  0 : LifNeuron
          Cm = 3e-08 (F)
          Rm = 1e+06 (Ohm)
    Vresting = -0.06 (V)
      Vreset = -0.06 (V)
       Vinit = -0.06 (V)
    Trefract = 0.003 (sec)
      Inoise = 0 (A)
     Iinject = 0 (A)
     Vthresh = -0.045 (V)
          Vm : 0 (V)
        type = 0
     nSpikes : 0
   nIncoming : 0
   nOutgoing : 0
Some of the fields are parameters of the model (Cm, Rm, ...) which can be modified (denoted by the '=') others are internal state variables (Vm in this case) which can not be changed (denoted by the ':') and yet other provide auxiliary information (nSpikes, nIncoming, ...). See the Class Reference for details about fields of a particular object.

Suppose we want to change the absolut refractory period of the LIF neuron n to be of length 2ms and add a noisy current of 50nA. This can be done with the command

    » csim('set',n,'Trefract',0.002,'Inoise',50e-9);
For the dynamic synapse s we choose parameters such that it will show a depressing behaviour:

    » csim('set',s,'W',10,'U',0.1,'D',1,'F',0.05); 

    » csim('set',s,'u0',0.1,'r0',1);

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