How the network is simulated

How the network is simulated

CSIM employs a fixed time step simulation scheme for the integration of the differential equations involved (represented by objects). Currently all objects use the exponential Euler method with the same integration time step (see Section 4.2).

During each time step a certain method (advance) is called for each object part of the simulation. There is a fixed schedule which depends a) on the class of the object and b) on the time of creation. Here is the order of the classes.

  1. Neuron
  2. Synapse
  3. Recorder
This means that all objects of classes derived from a generic Neuron are advanced first followed by objects of classes derived from a generic Synapse and so on.

Note that for example a more detailed neuron model (like the CbNeuron) has to advance all its child objects like ion channels.

After a csim('simulate',...) command returns the network is kept in its current state at this time t. A further csim('simulate',...) command continues the simulation at this time t. Use csim('reset'); to reset the simulation to time t=0.

Note that recorded traces you get by the appropriate get command always start at time t=0.

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