Saving, loading and deleting networks

Saving, loading and deleting networks


The command

  net = csim('export');
produces a struct array net which contains all information about the current network simulation which is needed to set up the simulation. Using save file.mat net you can save the whole network simulation.

NOTE: The struct array net returned by net=csim('export'); is only intended to be saved to disk for later use by csim('import',net); and does not have a human readable form.


The command

allows you to set up a network simulation from the struct array net which has previously been generated by net = csim('export');. In combination with the matlab command load this CSIM command serves the purpose of loading a simulation from disk.

If the current network (either explicitly specified or default network) does not contain any objects the net will be imported into that network. If there are already objects a new network will be created and and net will be imported to that.

NOTE: The struct array net returned by net=csim('export'); does not contain information about the current state of the simulation at time t. Hence it is only possible to start simulation based on such an arry at time t=0.0.


csim('destroy'); all the networks.

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